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Among the many urgent questions that demand answers after a car accident is the all-important question of who will pay your medical bills. You and your family, of course, want to know the extent of your injuries and your long-term prognosis. Your caregivers and treating physician will probably devote considerable time and effort to tests, such as X-rays, to help determine how long you may spend in the hospital and how likely you are to be left with lasting disabilities after you have healed as well as you can.

Investigating Who Will Pay

At the same time, the hospital, doctors, therapists and your pharmacy will begin billing you for care and treatment right away. Answering the question, “Who will pay the bills?” will require exploration and investigation into relevant facts such as the following:

  • Do you have health insurance?
  • Do you have auto insurance, including medical coverage?
  • Do you have an accident policy issued by a credit card or other private insurer?
  • Are you covered by Medicare or Medicaid?
  • Was the accident caused by a negligent party such as another driver or an auto part manufacturer?
  • How can you tap into the insurance resources of a negligent party that caused your car or truck crash to pay some or all of your medical bills?

A personal injury attorney can help you pursue compensation from responsible parties — including your own insurance companies. Equally important, your knowledgeable car or truck accident lawyer can help you navigate the minefield of insurance claims, counterclaims, subrogation interests and red tape in general.

At a time when all your best efforts need to be devoted to getting as healthy as you are able to, it is a great help to a family coping with an injured car accident victim to have a personal injury law firm handling the all-important details such as insurance coverage, claims, denials and appeals.

After a Car Accident, Insurance Claim Issues Can be Perplexing

The Law Offices of Wade E. Byrd P.A in Fayetteville, has helped injury victims regain control of their lives by holding negligent people and entities accountable in court. Our personal injury attorneys can help you pick up the pieces of your life after an auto accident, hospital malpractice or other tragedy has torn it apart.

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