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Compensation For Fatal Accidents And Medical Negligence Deaths

Measuring the life of a family member in dollars never seems right. Yet an untimely death does have a financial impact on those left to cope, and a wrongful death lawsuit is sometimes the only way to hold the negligent party publicly accountable.

If you lost a loved one in a motor vehicle crash or other accident or from the aftermath of medical malpractice, the Law Offices of Wade E. Byrd P.A. offers compassionate support and aggressive pursuit of justice. Contact us today to discuss your case in a free initial consultation. Our Fayetteville, North Carolina, law practice serves clients statewide, as well as in South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and surrounding states.

Showing The Impact Of A Wrongful Death

Wade Byrd has practiced in personal injury and wrongful death litigation for 25 years and has recovered substantial compensation for surviving spouses, children and parents when the negligence of others caused a preventable tragedy. Under North Carolina law, survivors can collect for:

  • Economic losses — funeral and burial expenses, medical bills incurred from a fatal injury, lost future earnings
  • Loss of services — household contributions, loss of society, companionship, advice and parenting
  • Emotional trauma of survivors — if a family member witnessed the death and required psychiatric care or psychological counseling
  • Pain and suffering of the victim prior to succumbing to death

We realize no amount of money can compensate for such a loss. But our job is to demonstrate what that person meant to the family in both personal and financial terms and let the jury (or insurance company) convert that to wrongful death monetary damages. We hire economists to project expected earnings and benefits over the natural life expectancy of the victim. We often create “day in the life” videos to put a human face to the case and show how the person touched many lives.

We Will Take Care Of Everything

Although you are grieving, it is important to contact an attorney early after an accident or medical malpractice death. Each state has a statute of limitations provision for filing wrongful death claims, and an investigation should be conducted before witnesses’ memories fade and important physical evidence of liability disappears.

Call 910-323-2555 or contact us online for a free case evaluation with a lawyer.

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