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Fayetteville Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Helping those Suffering from Permanent Brain Injury

We represent victims of traumatic brain injury and their families, working to secure the substantial financial compensation required for a lifetime of special care. We use our full resources and all that we’ve learned in 25 years of legal service to hold the negligent parties accountable and make life more bearable for those with disabling brain damage.

Committed To Justice For Those Who Need It The Most

Located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Wade E. Byrd P.A. serve clients statewide and in neighboring states. Discover how we can help by calling 910-323-2555. We have a demonstrated record of verdicts and settlements in personal injury and medical malpractice, including many recoveries for traumatic brain injury.

Meeting the Needs of Brain Injury Victims

Traumatic brain injuries, or TBI, can result from direct head trauma (an auto accident or construction site fall), oxygen deprivation (birth injury or near-drowning) or infection. Proving liability requires in-depth understanding of how the brain works and how brain damage is manifested. Some victims suffer obvious impairment — inability to control muscles or speech, loss of vision, or profound mental incapacity. For many, the impact is subtler — inability to concentrate, headaches and dizziness, short-term memory loss, mood swings and personality change.

Our lawyers work with neurologists to document the physical damage through diagnostic imaging and with neuropsychologists and occupational therapists to document the client’s limitations. We have found that “day in the life” videos are a powerful tool to illustrate to a jury or insurance company a client’s daily struggles and contrast them with what the person was like before the injury.

Access to Professionals and Experts Who Can Assist With Your Case

We also work with economists and life care planners to determine the victim’s ongoing needs — replacement of lost earnings, round-the-clock home health aides, home modifications, physical therapy and medications.

  • We represented a client whose gall bladder was punctured by a surgeon. She developed sepsis (blood-borne infection) that led to brain damage. As a result, she lost her business, was prone to fall, needed help to use the bathroom and eventually suffered a stroke. She went from being an active, independent woman to someone who can’t do most things by herself, all because of a physician’s negligence.

Contact the Law Offices of Wade E. Byrd P.A. in Fayetteville today for a free case evaluation regarding your loved one’s traumatic brain injury. We make hospital visits and house calls across North Carolina and are available to represent clients in South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and beyond.

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