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Accidents Occurring On Dangerous Roadways

When you are involved in a car accident involving another driver, it is easy to point the finger at his or her actions. In some cases, however, the actual road was the cause of the accident. If a defective or otherwise dangerous road is responsible for your accident, you will need an attorney with the right experience to help you pursue the compensation you need.

At the Law Offices of Wade E. Byrd P.A. in Fayetteville, we are led by one of North Carolina’s most respected personal injury trial attorneys. With more than 40 years of experience, Wade E. Byrd has the skills and network of resources to help you pursue compensation if you were injured because of a city street, state highway or interstate’s:

  • Dangerous potholes that have not been repaired
  • Lack of proper signage designating dangerous curves or lane changes
  • Design defects such as entrance and exit ramps on interstates being too small
  • Slippery conditions caused by improper design

Work With A Lawyer Who Can Take On Government Agencies

A large factor separating traditional accident claims from those involving dangerous roadways is that this type of case involves taking action against a city, county or state government agency responsible for the road’s design and upkeep.

That is where our firm’s reputation, resources, experiences and skills come into play. Recently honored by the Southern Trial Lawyers Association with the prestigious War Horse Award, Wade E. Byrd and our staff have the confidence to pursue the compensation you deserve, whether that is in settlement negotiations or at trial.

In some cases of dangerous roadway accidents in Fayetteville, a government may use what is known as a sovereign immunity defense to protect itself from legal action. We can then look for other avenues to secure compensation such as through your own insurance or an engineering firm that designed the road.

Do Not Trade On Experience. Contact Our Firm Today To Get Help.

No matter where your accident occurred — on Person Street in Fayetteville or on Interstate 95 — we can help. We invite you to call us at 910-323-2555 today to schedule a free consultation, where we can learn more about your case and help you explore your options.

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