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Compassionate Representation for Victims Who have Lost their Sight

For people who were born with the ability to see, it is something that they never imagined having to live without. Once it has been taken from you, however, life as you knew it will never be the same. In cases where a victim’s blindness happened in an accident that occurred as the result of another person’s negligence, the parties that caused the accident can be held liable.

Injury claims that involve a loss of sight are completely different from claims for other kinds of injuries. Beyond seeking compensation for medical care and lost wages, consideration must also be given to the care and accommodations that will be required in the future. Getting a fair settlement in these cases can be difficult, and it is important that you have strong representation from an experienced attorney.

Attorneys Providing Reliable Serious Injuries Assistance

At the Law Offices of Wade E. Byrd P.A., our North Carolina blindness injury attorney represents clients in a broad range of these claims. We have experience handling cases for victims who have lost their sight in many types of accidents, including:

We understand how overwhelming it can be to have your ability to see taken from you. We will do everything in our power to see that the responsible parties are held accountable and that you receive the maximum level of compensation available for your claim. We will diligently seek damages for pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of earning capacity, rehabilitation, retraining and any other relevant considerations.

Discuss Your Case with A Lawyer

We know that no amount of money can bring back your sight or the enjoyment of life that you lost along with it. Our goal in these cases is to help you secure the medical care and financial support you need as you move into this next phase of your life. Contact our Fayetteville office for a free initial consultation to learn more about your rights and what we can do to help you. You can reach us by phone at 910-323-2555 or send us an email to get started.

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