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Protecting Your Rights Against Negligent Security

When you go to a business, you expect them to provide a safe environment. If their security did not adequately protect you, or the company has negligent security, it can lead to injuries, property damage and even death.

You might have a lawsuit if you were assaulted, robbed, suffered battery or a sexual assault on a property that did not have a reasonable level of security in place in North Carolina. Was there negligent security at the business? If so, contact our attorneys at the Law Offices of Wade E. Byrd P.A.

They Are Required To Keep Their Property Reasonably Safe

Property owners and their commercial tenants have a responsibility to protect their customers and visitors from crimes and violent acts.

Adequate security measures include:

  • Appropriate lighting
  • Functioning locks
  • Proper number of security staff members
  • Restricting duplicate keys to common areas
  • Security cameras
  • Trained security staff

Can A Property Owner Foresee A Crime?

According to North Carolina law, premises liability is an area of tort law.  A property owner can be held responsible if a crime on their property was “foreseeable.” Basically, the law says that if the owner knew of dangerous conditions on their property, they should have taken measures to protect visitors and customers.

Was there criminal activity in the area? If so, did the property owner have security and lighting on the property that could help prevent a crime or attack? Should the property owner have expected that there were circumstances that required extra security?

If those conditions existed and a crime happened, was if foreseeable? The property owner should have provided necessary security if there was any reason to expect criminal activity.

Working With You To Prove Negligent Security

Assaults or robberies that led to injuries might have been preventable. You might have a lawsuit if you were hurt on someone’s property in North Carolina and the proper security was in not place. Our lawyers at the Law Offices of Wade E. Byrd P.A. can work with you to prove negligence. Connect with us on our contact page or call our Fayetteville office at 910-323-2555.

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