Woman Claims Pins and Needles Found in Frito-Lay Potato Chips, Files Suit

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Woman Claims Pins And Needles Found In Frito-lay Potato Chips, Files Suit

Imagine eating your favorite brand of potato chip and suddenly discovering that you were eating straight pins or needles instead. That is exactly what Zahra Kashani, in a product-liability lawsuit filed against Frito-Lay and Costco Wholesale Corp., says happened to her.

In Many 2009, Kashani says that she became extremely ill after eating Ruffles potato chips. She was admitted to the hospital where surgery removed pins and needles from her esophagus and stomach.

She is now suing Frito-Lay, maker of Ruffles chips, as well as Rolling Frito-Lay Sales LP and Costco Wholesale Corp., for approximately $50,000.

Frito-Lay, a unit of PepsiCo Inc., admitted the company received a complaint from a woman in Crystal Lake about foreign objects in her potato chips, but said that she did not provide any information regarding the packaging or what specifically was found in the bag.

Frito-Lay spokesperson Aurora Gonzales indicated that Frito-Lay takes reports of alleged problems with one of its products very seriously, however, without this information, the company could not conduct an investigation. She asserted, however, that Frito-Lay’s products are manufactured under the highest standards of quality assurance.

The lawsuit is currently pending in the Circuit Court of McHenry County, Ill. Kashani calculates the total resulting cost of her medical bills at more than $20,000.

If you or someone you know suffered injuries as a result of consuming a food product containing foreign objects, it’s important to seek legal assistance. Individuals in North Carolina are encouraged to speak with an experienced product liability attorney.

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