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Letters To The Academy

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Fall 1995


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To The Academy:

Enclosed with this letter you will find my 1995 membership renewal. I have upgraded my membership to that of patron and also included a contribution toward the legislative effort. The reason for both my increased membership renewal and my contribution is one person Mary Ann Tally. I am extremely grateful for the efforts of Ms. Tally before the North Carolina Legislature. I have seen her at the end of the day after dealing with the legislators on two occasions. Although she felt frustrated and fatigued on both occasions, her determination and belief in the just cause of the Academy was evident. Her courage and determination in such a hostile environment should serve as models for us all.

Douglas W. Corkhill, Raleigh


August 4, 1995

To the Academy:

The 1995 session of the North Carolina General Assembly has adjourned. We accomplished a lot over the past six months. In order to have a successful session, we rely on the assistance and support of many people. People such as your lobbyist, Mary Ann Tally, are important in educating legislators, thus making legislation more balanced and appropriate.

Mary Ann has been a great asset this year, not only to your company, but to the General Assembly. I have enjoyed working with her and look forward to her continued involvement in making North Carolina a better place for all of our citizens.

Thank you for your participation in the legislative process. I congratulate you for providing your organization with such effective representation at the General Assembly through Mary Ann Tally.

Sen. Fountain Odom
34th District
North Carolina General Assembly


Dear Mary Ann:

It is 7:20 P.M. September 26, 1995 and I am here in my office trying to prepare my final argument to a jury in a death penalty murder case in Washington County, North Carolina. The alarm of my FAX machine went off and since I needed a break, I stopped and read it and I am absolutely stunned beyond belief because of its contents.

I know a chapter in your legal career practicing with Wade Byrd from Fayetteville, North Carolina will be a most rewarding experience, not only from the knowledge you will gain by going back into trial advocacy, but also with the personal and professional relationships you will establish with the distinguished members of the Cumberland County Bar.

I also know that there are many lawyers who will become members of the North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers who will be cheated and denied the effect and the strength of the leadership which you have brought to the Academy of Trial Lawyers. I can remember one time that I wrote you a letter asking you not to place yourself in the sterile atmosphere of becoming a member of the North Carolina Court of Appeals. I don’t know if the opportunity was really there, but I do know that a waste of talent was probable if you had accepted the job had it been tendered to you.

With great sadness, I welcome you back into the private practice of law and with great pride, I extend to you my heartfelt thanks for all the contributions you have made to the North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers, the staff and the people and the direction you have given in order to help lawyers help people.

You are a special person with special talents and you will always be admired and respected regardless of what the forum may be that you choose to operate in. I wish you health, happiness, and much success in your new endeavor and hope you will continue to provide the Academy of Trial Lawyers with your talent, leadership, thoughtfulness and respect.

Yours very truly,
James R. Vosburgh, Washington, NC
1995 WL 1942161 (NCATL)

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