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Since air bag technology was added to vehicles in 1987, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 22,000 car accident fatalities have been prevented. Every year, the agency reports, 3,000 lives are saved because of air bags.

Injuries that can be prevented by air bags

Air bags do not only save lives during a car crash; many motorists and passengers also avoid suffering from serious injuries because of these devices. Spinal injuries are among the most serious that are prevented by air bags because the technology prevents twists and pulls that can compress the spinal cord and injure the lower back.

In addition, neck injuries, like whiplash, and ruptured and herniated disks can be prevented because of air bags.

New air bag technologies

Like other automobile safety devices, air bag technology is constantly advancing. Some of the new innovations in air bag technology include:

  • External air bags: Volvo has developed external air bags that will prevent pedestrians from getting injured during an accident. The bags are designed to inflate when the bumper of a car senses a collision with a pedestrian. This technology is expected to help prevent pedestrian fatalities exponentially, as thousands are killed in these accidents every year.
  • Inflatable seat belts: Ford recently introduced inflatable seat belts in their vehicles, which are designed to expand during a crash and distribute the force of a crash over the passenger’s shoulder and torso. These devices are expected to help reduce serious injuries and fatalities during rollover accidents.

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