Why should drivers avoid left turns?

Why should drivers avoid left turns?
Feb 27 2023

Drivers have an obligation to those they share the road with to follow the traffic rules and make reasonable, safe decisions. Unfortunately, one legal maneuver may be inherently dangerous — the left turn.

Some scientists believe that the left turn should be outlawed entirely.

Why are left turns dangerous?

The main danger occurs because drivers must turn into oncoming traffic to make a left turn. Generally, most left turns occur at intersections and typically in congested conditions. It can be challenging to gauge speed when making a left turn, often resulting in a t-bone accident.

When you make a left turn, you must pay attention to traffic on both sides. Having to spread your focus to both sides can make it difficult to maneuver safely.

What increases the risk of accidents during left turns?

Various factors can increase your risk of an accident. First, if you drive at night, the glare of headlights can make it more difficult to determine the speed of other drivers. In congested areas, you may have pedestrians attempting to cross the street. Unfortunately, when drivers turn left, they do not always notice the pedestrian because they focus on the oncoming traffic. If you have to turn left at a busy intersection, the stress could make you prone to mistakes.

At busy intersections, many drivers avoid left turns if possible. In fact, many people argue that there would not be a significant difference if drivers could not turn left at the intersection. Instead, there may be fewer accidents.

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