What does car accident injury insurance cover?

What does car accident injury insurance cover?
Feb 06 2023

There are two main types of car insurance for bodily injuries in North Carolina. They are the optional medical payments coverage and the main bodily injury insurance.

Medical payments coverage might help with a portion of doctors’ fees and hospital bills. However, with serious injuries, most people need to use a more advanced level of coverage.

Serious injuries and insurance

Serious injuries are expensive. Insurance companies might have to pay for laboratory testing, extended hospital stays and lost wages.

Furthermore, there is the issue of pain and suffering. Statutory law imposes no limit or guideline regarding the amount that an injured person could recover for pain due to an auto accident.

Insurance claims processes

Receiving compensation after a car accident typically begins with filing reports and making claims to insurance companies. This is a formal process that involves multiple parties, and delays are almost inevitable for severe injuries.

Unfortunately, some insurers might use this to their advantage to put pressure on people with injuries. Even with laws requiring timely and fair responses, people rarely receive a first offer that would address the totality of their injury.

Disputes with insurance companies

Insurance companies often underestimate the economic and psychological impact that pain and suffering have on a person’s life. As such, they typically make low offers initially and resist agreeing to pay the adequate amount.

Even things that are easier to measure, such as projections of the cost of medical care, might meet resistance from insurance companies. In these cases, the internal claims process might not be enough to secure a fair level of compensation.

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