Strong wind and motor vehicle accidents

Strong wind and motor vehicle accidents
Mar 07 2023

From fog to slick roads, you should always review weather conditions before driving and while behind the wheel. Inclement weather can make a traffic accident more likely, and some people do not recognize hazards until it is too late. In addition, you should exercise caution when it is very windy.

Strong wind can increase the likelihood of a traffic collision in various ways, and some drivers fail to pay attention to these risks. Furthermore, those who drive recklessly during poor weather are particularly likely to cause an accident.

Wind and traffic accidents due to poor visibility

The Federal Highway Administration goes over different traffic accident risks associated with bad weather, including strong wind. First of all, wind can interfere with visibility. During windy conditions, drivers could have difficulty seeing the road, other vehicles, traffic signs and hazards due to wind-blown smoke, dust, snow or debris. When drivers have difficulty seeing what lies ahead, this can significantly increase the chances of a crash.

Other traffic accident risks due to wind

Wind can knock down tree limbs and scatter debris across the road, which could cause a driver to swerve into another lane or stop abruptly in an attempt to avoid the debris. Furthermore, strong wind can affect vehicle stability and result in obstructed lanes. In certain instances, such as large trucks crossing bridges, wind can become particularly dangerous.

If you suffered injuries in a traffic accident because of a driver’s negligence during windy conditions, such as a driver who sped around a sharp turn, you deserve justice.

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