Accidents involving buses and large trucks

Accidents involving buses and large trucks
Mar 21 2023

Any type of motor vehicle collision has the potential to cause significant injuries, but the chances of you sustaining a devastating injury become especially high if the accident involves a large truck or bus. Tragically, data shows that many of these accidents continue to occur on an annual basis, and it is essential for all drivers to understand the scope of this problem.

It is also crucial to take a look at risks associated with bus and large truck accidents, whether you run a trucking company, work as a bus or truck driver or find yourself near traffic as a driver, passenger, bicyclist, motorcyclist or pedestrian.

The prevalence of bus and truck accidents

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration states that 108,000 injury accidents involving buses and large trucks occurred over the course of 2020. During 2020, over 4,900 buses and large trucks became involved in deadly collisions.

Throughout 2020, authorities received reports of roughly 415,000 accidents involving large trucks. Additionally, deadly accidents during 2020 involved 86 transit buses, 46 school buses and 9 intercity buses.

Moving forward after a bus or large truck accident

Following a serious accident, you need to focus on your physical, mental and financial well-being. If you sustained an injury in a bus or large truck collision, it is crucial to analyze the ins and outs of the accident and obtain as much evidence as possible. If a bus or truck driver’s negligent behavior played a role in the accident, you deserve justice for the hardships caused by the crash.

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