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A semi-truck is one of the largest vehicles on the road. While commercial truck accidents are less common than passenger vehicle accidents, it is vital to know what to do after an accident occurs, how to prove fault, and how you can recover compensation for your damages. A Durham semi-truck accident lawyer can be an invaluable asset for your recovery efforts, and it is crucial to seek out a legal team you can trust immediately following a semi-truck accident.

Durham Semi Truck Accident Lawyer

Representing Semi-Truck Accident Claims in Durham, NC

The Law Offices of Wade E. Byrd, P.A., has years of professional legal experience helping clients in the Durham area with all types of commercial truck accident claims, and we know how damaging these incidents can be. Any accident involving a semi-truck has the potential to cause devastating or even fatal injuries, and these incidents often leave victims wondering how they can prove liability and recover compensation for their losses.

When you choose our team to represent your case, you can rely on us to help determine the fault for your accident, guide you through the auto insurance claim filing process, and build a comprehensive personal injury suit for you that aims for maximum recovery. You have a limited time in which to pursue your recovery, so it is vital to reach out to an experienced Durham semi-truck accident lawyer as soon as possible after your accident.

Recovering From a Semi-Truck Crash in Durham

Your first challenge following any motor vehicle accident in Durham is proving fault for the incident. You need to prove exactly how the accident happened and identify the party responsible before you can recover any compensation for your losses. Truck accidents can happen for the same reasons that other accidents occur, such as distraction behind the wheel, moving violations, and speeding, but they can also happen due to failure to follow trucking industry regulations.

Your Durham semi-truck accident lawyer can assist you in gathering whatever evidence you need to support your claim. It’s important to remember that if you share fault for causing the accident, it will prevent you from claiming compensation from any other liable party under North Carolina’s contributory negligence rule. After proving fault, your first option for recovering your damages is to file an auto insurance claim.

Every driver in the state is required to have auto insurance that includes coverage for bodily injury liability and property damage liability. A successful insurance claim may cover some of your damages, but any losses insurance can’t cover must be sought through a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver. This civil suit enables you to claim compensation for economic and non-economic damages you suffered from the accident.

The Law Offices of Wade E. Byrd, P.A., can work closely with you as you develop your case strategy and seek compensation for your losses. You have only a short time in which to pursue compensation after an accident, and the more time your attorney has to build your case, the more likely you are to reach a positive outcome in your recovery efforts.


Q: What Damages Can I Claim in a Personal Injury Case?

A: North Carolina’s personal injury laws allow plaintiffs to claim full compensation for all financial losses they suffered because of the actions of others. Claimable damages in your case are likely to include property losses, medical expenses, future medical treatment costs for severe injury, lost income, and lost future earning power if you have been permanently disabled. You can also claim compensation for your pain and suffering.

Q: How Do You Calculate Pain and Suffering?

A: North Carolina does not impose a limit on pain and suffering compensation in most personal injury claims, nor is there any set formula that must be used to calculate pain and suffering. You have the right to seek as much as you deem reasonable to reflect the severity of the harm you suffered because of the defendant’s actions. Your Durham semi-truck accident lawyer can help determine a fair amount based on the extent of harm you suffered.

Q: How Long Do I Have to File a Semi-Truck Accident Claim in Durham?

A: Your recovery from any semi-truck accident is likely to begin with an auto insurance claim against the at-fault driver. You have only a few days in which to file your claim after your accident, so it’s vital to connect with a Durham semi-truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. If you intend to pursue a personal injury claim when insurance can’t fully cover your losses, you have three years in which to file your claim.

Q: Why Should I Hire a Durham Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer?

A: In Durham, NC, you can attempt to handle your impending case alone, but you would face several risks and challenges in doing so. You would have to contend with your medical issues and your legal affairs all at once unassisted. When you have legal representation, your attorney can handle your case so you can focus on your recovery. They are also more likely to win the case and maximize your total compensation than you would be on your own.

Q: What Will It Cost to Hire a Durham Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer?

A: The Law Offices of Wade E. Byrd, P.A., makes legal counsel accessible to those who need it most with a contingency fee policy. You are not required to pay any attorney fees upfront, nor do we charge ongoing fees during your case. Our contingency fee is a percentage of the total compensation we recover for you, and you pay only if and when we win your case. This ensures you do not pay more for legal counsel than you win in compensation for your damages.

Expert Legal Representation For Your Semi-Truck Accident Case

The right attorney is an invaluable asset for any type of commercial vehicle accident case in Durham. Our team at the Law Offices of Wade E. Byrd, P.A., can provide compassionate and responsive legal counsel for your semi-truck accident claim and help you recover as much compensation for your damages as state law allows. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a Durham semi-truck accident lawyer and learn more about the legal services we provide.

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