Why is driving so tiring?

Why is driving so tiring?
May 08 2020

You may have heard that driver fatigue can cause accidents, and it’s a serious concern for truck drivers since they have such massive vehicles and spend so much time on the road. While this makes sense for overnight drivers — maybe you can’t even imagine driving all night without nodding off — it does raise some questions.

Namely, why does driving tire people out? It is not a physically demanding job in many regards — at least when not loading or unloading the truck. A driver may simply sit in a cushioned chair for eight hours, driving through a peaceful stretch of the American highway. Why is that so tiring?

One reason is the monotony. In this sense, driving in the city is less likely to make you tired than driving in the country. Many truck drivers essentially spend hours on straight roads and interstates, watching the same scenery roll by with little change. That can lull your mind to sleep.

The road itself can contribute to this. The broken lines pass the truck at a steady rate. The wheels hum against the pavement. There is the same slight rocking and vibration in the cab. Parents know how fast children fall asleep in the car, and adults are not immune to that same reaction.

Finally, many drivers end up feeling dehydrated. They may not want to drink as much as they should so that they don’t have to stop as often. They may also drink caffeine to stay awake, but the long-term impact of caffeine is dehydration.

For these reasons and more, truckers get tired and cause serious accidents. Those who get injured must know what legal options they have.

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