Do I need a lawyer for my commercial truck accident?

Do I need a lawyer for my commercial truck accident?
May 08 2020

Commercial truck accidents are devastating that commonly end in catastrophic injuries or wrongful deaths. The survivors of a commercial truck crash have a long road ahead in recovering. Victims of accidents have to ask themselves whether or not they need an attorney. Knowing what a lawyer can offer them can help them make this decision.

After a fatal accident, families can feel aimless in their pursuit of justice for their loss. Without the guidance and services a lawyer offers, victims may not receive the best possible outcome in their case.

Determine liability

When a commercial truck causes an accident, it may not be just the truck driver who is liable. The employer of the driver may be responsible for any number of reasons. If the road conditions were a factor of the accident, then the local government may be liable for not maintaining safe roadways. An attorney can review the events leading up to the accident and determine who is responsible for the accident damages.

Expert consultation

The key to earning fair compensation is proving liability. To do this, lawyers may need to rely on the benefit of expert knowledge. Accident reconstruction experts, as well as experts related to the trucking industry, can help recreate the accident and prove liability.

Maintaining evidence

There is a lot of evidence that can be involved with these accidents. Expert and witness testimony, travel logs for the driver, vehicle inspections, hospital records, and doctor reports all need to be gathered and recorded. These tools are crucial in maximizing the compensation following an accident.

Legal representation

Liable insurance companies are notorious for both low-balling victims on settlement offers, as well as making victims fight for the compensation they can rely on. Lawyers can act on behalf of a client during negotiations and offer reviews. If a settlement offer is insufficient for a victim’s needs, an attorney can negotiate for one that is fair.

A victim is not alone

The experience a personal injury attorney has in these cases is invaluable to a victim of a commercial trucking accident. Without legal representation, truck accident victims are at the mercy of the trucking company, their lawyers, and insurance.

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