Why are airplane seat belts important?

Why are airplane seat belts important?
Oct 04 2019

Many residents of North Carolina have taken at least one flight in their lifetime. Whether it was a domestic or international flight, you also likely had to wear seat belts. But just why are these devices so important in an airplane?

There is a misconception that seat belts on planes are relatively useless simply because of the devastating impact a crash could have. However, attn.com states that the purpose of an airplane seat belt isn’t for use in the event of a crash. It is actually meant to be a safeguard against turbulence.

Many passengers don’t realize how violent turbulence can actually become. If a passenger is not properly secured in their seat with a belt, they may very well end up hitting the ceiling of the plane during bouts of particularly rough turbulence. This can cause head injuries.

Of course, passengers thrown into the air during moments of extreme turbulence likely aren’t going to land nicely in their seat, either. They can hit armrests, food carts, or other passengers. This can easily lead to further injuries like broken or sprained bones, spinal cord and neck damage and more.

Turbulence is not something that can be easily predicted, unfortunately. Because of that, the fasten seat belt sign is on often enough to desensitize some passengers and make them less likely to abide by the rules. It also makes it so that turbulence can catch people completely off guard, sending them flying even if the seat belt light was off.

Those who have been injured due to turbulence because of faulty seat belt designs or improper safety procedures on an airplane may wish to seek an attorney who can help with the possibility of seeking compensation.

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