How can truck driver fatigue endanger you?

How can truck driver fatigue endanger you?
Sep 20 2019

North Carolina residents like you have to share the streets with all manner of drivers. But truckers can be particularly dangerous simply because of the size of the vehicle they operate. Due to that, we at the Law Offices of Wade E. Byrd, P.A., will discuss why truck driver fatigue can be an even bigger danger than fatigue in non-truck drivers.

Truck driver fatigue can be a huge issue as truck drivers will typically suffer from fatigue more than an average driver. This is due to the nature of the trucking industry, which at times rewards its drivers for somewhat risky behaviors. The faster a driver covers greater distances, the more money they can make for their time. This leads to drivers hitting the road even when they should be resting instead.

Having tired drivers on the road puts everyone else in danger. Tired drivers have slower reflexes, lowered attention spans, and an inability to react to danger quickly and efficiently. While this can be risky in any driver, it’s particularly problematic in truck drivers. They have larger, heavier vehicles that can easily total a smaller car. One second of taking their attention away from the road can end up wiping out entire lanes of traffic due to the sheer length of the truck body.

If you have gotten into a crash with a truck, you understand the severe impact it can have on your life. Consider taking a look at our web page on trucking crashes to learn more about your possible compensation options.

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