Which drivers are more at risk of drowsy driving?

Which drivers are more at risk of drowsy driving?
Dec 28 2022

Drowsiness can make it hard to stay alert and focused while driving, so a motorist who does not get enough sleep may endanger other drivers and pedestrians. While you may strive to get enough rest before driving, you know that not all drivers do the same.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains that certain drivers are more likely to drive in a drowsy state. Different factors may result in a heightened risk.


Some people work in jobs that require them to be on the road for long periods of time, such as commercial truck drivers. Driving for too long without rest can result in exhaustion. Truckers and other drivers who do not schedule rest periods in their schedules run the risk of becoming fatigued behind the wheel.

Time of day

Motorists navigating roads between the hours of midnight and 6 in the morning are more likely to be drowsy. While this could be due to an irregular sleeping schedule, the darkness of the late-night hours can also dull the senses and make it harder to remain alert.

Health conditions

Some drivers feel tired on the road due to health problems such as sleep apnea. This condition stops and starts breathing during sleep, which prevents someone from getting full sleep. In addition, some medicines such as antihistamines produce drowsiness.

Age groups

Teenagers and young adults have a higher likelihood of driving in a tired state. Contributing factors include staying out too late and alcohol consumption. However, some older drivers may be at risk due to age-related health disorders and the use of medication.

Accidents caused by drowsy driving can be serious. It is important for any driver to get sufficient rest and abstain from behaviors that impair senses needed for safe driving.

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