Running a red light can have devastating consequences

Running a red light can have devastating consequences
Dec 28 2022

Red light accidents may be among the most preventable of all accidents. If you suffered injuries from an accident involving a red light runner, the other driver might be at fault for your injuries. Unfortunately, red light accidents happen too often. In 2020, almost 1000 people died in crashes involving red lights.

Another 116,000 people suffered injuries during the red light crashes.

How common is red light running?

Vehicles run red lights all of the time. In fact, red light running becomes more common in areas where there are no cameras on the traffic lights. Drivers may think that an accident will not happen to them, so when nothing holds them accountable, they might speed through a red light. Unfortunately, other vehicles and pedestrians often pay the price for red light running and other reckless behavior behind the wheel.

What are the dangers of red light running?

When someone runs a red light, the other drivers may not have time to react to another vehicle entering the roadway. Cars have no time to brake to avoid a collision. Generally, when a person ignores a red light, he or she will use excess speed at the intersection. If the driver sees other cars waiting for their turn, they speed up to beat them through the intersection. Unfortunately, moving traffic may be faster than it seems.

The most common people to face severe injuries after a red light accident are pedestrians and bicyclists. Red light runners are liable for injuries if an accident happens at an intersection.

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