What should you know about electrical injury?

What should you know about electrical injury?
Jun 13 2019

As a resident of North Carolina, you most likely work with electricity in some form every day. Whether it’s the coffee maker you rely on to help wake you up or the electronics you use for communication, navigation and work, you are constantly exposing yourself to electricity. This means you’re also constantly exposing yourself to the dangers related to electricity.

FindLaw states that electric shock from consumer products contributes to up to 70 fatalities every year. This isn’t even counting shocks that may come from other sources, such as faulty wiring in a workplace. In fact, they state that in the workplace, electrocution is one of the most common sources of injury. 9 percent of workplace fatalities every year are due to electric shock of some kind.

Perhaps surprisingly, children are not the group that is most vulnerable to electrocution. In fact, the age group of 40 to 59 had twice as many victims compared to those younger than 19. Different factors can contribute to these figures, including the physical health and size of the person who was electrocuted, where the electric charge came from, and how high the voltage was.

People who suffer from electric injuries have an intensive healing process to go through. Tissue damage can be both external and internal, and the recovery process can be long. This can be problematic for working people, who may need to take time off in order to heal. Unfortunately, this can also cause a loss of wages.

If you have suffered from electric shock and believe you may have a personal injury case, you may wish to consider contacting a lawyer who can help you look into compensation options.

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