Car crashes into North Carolina apartment building, injuring 6

Car crashes into North Carolina apartment building, injuring 6
Jun 26 2019

Chaos reigned in an apartment complex in Raleigh, North Carolina, last week. A collision between two vehicles at a nearby intersection propelled one of them into the side of an apartment building. Three of the people inside that unit, one of them a two-year-old boy, required hospitalization for injuries. The expectation is that all three will survive.

There was a television set near the wall of the apartment unit that the car crashed into. The TV fell onto one of the occupants of the room as the wall collapsed in as well. One of the occupants of the room shielded the two-year-old boy with his body in the hopes of protecting him from injury. Another of the family members in the unit described it as sounding like an explosion.

The nature and severity of the injuries that family members of the unit sustained are not clear apart from the fact that they do not appear to be life-threatening. The vehicle that crashed into the building eventually came to rest among some nearby trees. No information is available regarding the condition of either driver involved in the initial collision.

To add to the chaos, responders were still on the scene of the car crash when a fire broke out in another building in the same apartment complex. The two emergencies do not appear to be related to one another.

An accident such as this may be all the more traumatic for running counter to expectations. It may be helpful to hire an experienced attorney to help cope with an unusual situation in this vein.

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