How can you help your teenagers avoid driving while distracted?

How can you help your teenagers avoid driving while distracted?
Apr 11 2023

Following an accident involving your teen driver, it is normal to want to ensure that it never happens again. While you cannot control other drivers, you have some control over what your teen does behind the wheel.

In the U.S., over 2,000 people die in crashes involving teen drivers yearly. Even adults become distracted behind the wheel, but there are steps you can take to reduce the chance your teen will drive while distracted.

Be the example that your teen needs

Teenagers look to you as an example of good behavior. If you consistently drive while distracted, then your teen will not see the importance of refraining from various activities while driving. Even if you believe you can handle changing the radio station or answering a call while driving, you must remember the consequences of distracted driving. Likewise, consider your teen’s inexperience. He or she needs to pay close attention to the road and does not have the experience you have behind the wheel. When you set rules for your kid, you should follow them too.

Discuss distracted driving and the consequences

Talk about distracted driving openly with your teenager. Your teenager may not realize that distractions do not just include looking away from the road or taking hands off the wheel. Distractions also include mental and emotional distractions. Being open to talking about distracted driving can help limit the chance of raising a distracted driver.

While there are laws against distracted driving, you can also set rules and regulations for how your teen conducts himself or herself in the vehicle.

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