How can a traumatic brain injury change your personality?

How can a traumatic brain injury change your personality?
Aug 25 2023

A traumatic brain injury can give you more than just physical pain. This injury can also lead to changes in personality and interpersonal dynamics.

In the time after a car accident, you may notice serious changes in how you act and think. Paying attention to the ways your personality traits and interactions with others shift can help you.

Changing how you first react

Your personality is your unique characteristics, behaviors and emotional responses. A TBI can trigger differences in these traits.

With over 1.7 million Americans suffering from a TBI, learning about these changes is important for anyone after a crash. These differences come from the impact of the injury on different regions of the brain that control personality.

Making your emotions change wildly

A TBI can bring about emotional changes you never experienced before. You may struggle with mood swings, finding it challenging to control your emotions.

For instance, if you were once even-tempered, you might experience sudden moments of anger or sadness. These emotional shifts can affect how you connect with others, making interactions unpredictable.

Struggling with social interactions

You could also struggle with impulse control, which could lead to rude remarks or actions. Your ability to notice social cues might go away, making it difficult to respond appropriately in conversations.

Mishandling communication

After a car accident and traumatic brain injury, you might find it tough to express yourself, experiencing difficulties in finding the right words or organizing your thoughts. This can lead to frustration for both you and other people.

Acknowledging these changes in your life and getting the support you need can help you in the time after an accident.

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