Are infotainment screens causing more accidents?

Are infotainment screens causing more accidents?
Aug 21 2023

In the modern age of technology, cars come equipped with advanced infotainment screens that allow drivers to access various systems right from the dashboard. These screens aim to enhance the driving experience and provide convenience, but some argue that they may present a significant distraction.

As technology continues to evolve, the debate around the safety of infotainment screens grows. While manufacturers design these systems to be user-friendly and less distracting, concerns linger that they might contribute to an increase in accidents on the road.

The allure of infotainment screens

Infotainment screens attract many drivers because they offer a wide range of functions in one place. You can control your music, take phone calls and even browse the internet in some cases, all without taking your hands off the wheel. But does this convenience lead to complacency?

Potential for distraction

The main concern with infotainment screens is the potential distraction they create. Even though you can interact with these screens without physically holding a device, they still require visual and cognitive attention. Glancing down at a screen to change a song or input a new destination into the navigation system takes your eyes off the road, and that split second can be critical.

The impact on young drivers

Young drivers may be more susceptible to the distractions caused by infotainment screens. Growing up in a digital age, younger individuals often multitask with technology and this behavior may carry over into the driving experience. The novelty and complexity of interacting with an infotainment screen may divert attention from the essential task of driving safely.

Studies and statistics

Some studies conducted by Smith System Driver Training have indicated a connection between infotainment screens and driver distraction. Research shows that performing tasks on these screens can increase the time drivers spend with their eyes off the road. This added distraction can contribute to slower reaction times and an increase in near-miss events.

Safety features and guidelines

Manufacturers know the concerns surrounding infotainment screens and work continually to make them safer. Voice control, simplified interfaces and lock-out features that restrict access to certain functions while driving are all measures to minimize distraction. Following the guidelines provided by the car’s manufacturer and using the system responsibly can help mitigate the risks.

Infotainment screens are a common feature in modern vehicles, providing convenience and entertainment. However, you cannot overlook the potential for distraction. Being mindful of how and when you interact with the infotainment system, and understanding its features and limitations, can allow you to enjoy the benefits of this technology without compromising safety.

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