Distracted driving cause for increased crashes in North Carolina

Distracted driving cause for increased crashes in North Carolina
Oct 09 2020

Depending on how much one drives, it is likely that a motorist comes across an accident site rather frequently. While minor collisions are likely to happen on busy roadways and rush hour traffic, the reality is that accident could occur even when the roadways are not busy. The factor that leads most frequently to an accident is negligence. A negligent driver could be the cause of a serious crash due to cell phone usage. Because a driver is unable to remain properly attentive when using a cell phone while driving, a crash could occur whether the roadways are crowded or desolate.

Increased roadway accidents

The North Carolina Highway Patrol emphasized the concern they have when it comes to the increase in wrecks they experienced last month. In fact, the past two months have shown a significant increase in crashes when compared to the numbers from last year. When looking into the cause for this increase, they believe the culprit is distracted driving.

Distracted driving a major issue

While cell phone are a major cause for distracted driving, are not the only cause for distracted driving. However, when a driver is distracted, they can lead to other reckless behaviors, such as speeding and following too close.

Distracted driving has been a major concern for years; however, they believe that the pandemic has played a role in its increase in the state and other states across the nation. Drivers may be getting less sleep or too much sleep, and the stressors the situation causes could lead to one keeping busy on their phone or even not focus on driving, as they are stuck in the thoughts in their head.

When drivers get behind the wheel of a vehicle, they are not only responsible for the safety of themselves but also to those they are transporting and others traveling on the roadways. Thus, when an accident occurs because they are unsafe, such as distracted driving, they could be held accountable for the accident that resulted. Victims of a crash could take legal action by filing a personal injury action, which helps hold a negligent driver accountable for the injuries and damages suffered.

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