Car accidents rise despite cameras designed to improve compliance

Car accidents rise despite cameras designed to improve compliance
Oct 23 2020

In North Carolina and throughout the nation, there has been a growing number of municipalities that use cameras at intersections to catch drivers who run red lights. This serves multiple purposes. It will cite the driver for the violation, it encourages drivers to obey the law because they do not want to pay a ticket, and it will theoretically enhance safety as accidents will become less frequent. The primary word is “theoretical.” According to statistics, Fayetteville has not achieved notable improvement in safety even with the cameras. This could be a key factor in seeking compensation after an auto accident with injuries.

Numbers show spike in auto accidents despite camera program

For drivers who run the light, there is a fine of $100. The goal was to emphasize the importance of stopping at red signals and to make the roads safer. According to the data, there were 12 Fayetteville intersections that were equipped with red light cameras starting in 2015. In a report, two years of information was analyzed from the intersections. There were 30 accidents – an increase of almost 6%. The severity of these accidents was also worse with a 15.5% increase.

Law enforcement said they believe that drivers might have been trying to avoid getting a ticket at a red light camera and hit the brakes hard to stop, thereby serving as the catalyst for some of the collisions. With these types of crashes, there was a 4.5% increase. For angled accidents, there was a 5.7% spike. The cameras are having a positive impact in that only 12% of drivers who were cited had a subsequent violation. From 2015 through the end of August 2020, there were almost 126,000 red light tickets sent to drivers who were caught on camera.

Auto accidents can cause life-changing problems

People who have been in an auto accident can be confronted with a litany of unexpected challenges physically, personally and financially. There may be the need for extensive medical treatment and care that accrues exorbitant medical bills. He or she might not be able to work or provide for a family as before. The contributions to loved ones can be reduced to nothing. Evidence can be a critical component to seeking compensation to cover for what was lost. Statistics for accidents in specific areas and even photographic evidence may be essential. For assistance and representation, contacting a legal firm experienced in car accidents is a wise first step.

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