Wrongful death damages relating to a decedent’s care

Wrongful death damages relating to a decedent’s care
Sep 25 2023

Some accidents do not result in death right away. A person can survive the impact of an automobile crash and make it to the hospital only to die hours or days later. This can be an especially tragic time for the surviving family members as their loved one may have suffered for a while before dying.

This is where a wrongful death suit comes into play. A court awards different kinds of compensation, including the monetary value of the decedent. Additional damages may also include costs stemming from the care of the decedent prior to death.

Hospital-related costs

The expenses of the hospitalization of a loved one can be hard to bear, both because the medical care could not save your relative and because the costs might have been expensive. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, medical costs for fatal car crashes can amount to $15,000 on average.

Fortunately, North Carolina law can ensure that you do not bear the brunt of these leftover expenses. Your wrongful death compensation may include all the costs for the treatment, care and hospital time of your family member.

Pain and suffering costs

The initial aftermath of a serious accident can be painful for the crash patient. In spite of the efforts of doctors and other health workers, some patients suffer greatly before dying. This is why the state wrongful death law includes a provision to award damages based on the pain and suffering of the decedent.

The existence of these options may be a small comfort during a horrible loss, but then can at least provide a measure of justice.

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