Traffic collision leads to 1 death, 2 injuries in North Carolina

Traffic collision leads to 1 death, 2 injuries in North Carolina
Mar 05 2020

One thing that is shocking about traffic accidents is that they can involve multiple vehicles very easily. The force of a large truck colliding with another vehicle can push it into a different lane or cause it to hit others. As a result, it’s possible that a single mistake by a truck driver could lead to several people getting hurt or people dying.

Take for example this case out of Guilford County, N.C. A driver who was traveling in a tanker truck was involved in a crash. The 59-year-old man was charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle, driving left of center and misdemeanor drug paraphernalia after the collision left one person dead and another injured.

The news reports that the driver of the tanker went left of center before sideswiping a trailer that was being pulled by a pickup truck in that lane. After sideswiping the trailer, the truck went on to hit an SUV head-on. That SUV was pushed into a van, leading to an additional collision.

The 47-year-old driver of the SUV was killed in the crash, while the driver of the tanker had serious injuries. The van’s driver had non-life-threatening injuries after the crash. Both drivers were taken to the hospital for medical care.

In this case, several 911 calls had been placed to state that the tanker was driving erratically, but he was not able to be pulled over prior to the collision.

Collisions like this can cause significant injuries and fatalities that need to be addressed. Those who are injured by truck drivers who violate the rules of the road or who drive recklessly should be able to hold those drivers accountable for their actions.

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