Traumatic brain injuries from truck accidents

Traumatic brain injuries from truck accidents
Oct 12 2022

It comes as no surprise that commercial truck accidents cause severe and life-changing injuries. However, what many forget is that those life-changing injuries often include traumatic brain injuries.

Why are they so common?

A TBI can be caused by any blow or jolt to your body or head. The more severe, the more likely it is that a TBI occurred. This is why TBIs are so common in Fayetteville, North Carolina, commercial truck accidents. The impact with such massive vehicles rarely does not involve a violent blow or jolt to your body and head.

Secret injuries

Unlike physical injuries, injuries to your brain are hidden. Broken bones, cuts and bruises are obvious, but a bruise on your brain, is not obvious. In addition, TBI symptoms are not always recognized or appear until hours, days or weeks later.

Ignorable symptoms

Sometimes TBI symptoms appear like shock, so they get ignored until they dangerously progress. For example, dizziness, nausea and headaches can be the result of the shock from the impact itself that could immediately dissipate.

Symptom progression

However, that dizziness, nausea and headaches could progress into other physical symptoms, like drowsiness, fatigue, problems communicating and other sensory issues. Indeed, you could find that you are unable to speak in a recognizable way, like the words you intend to say do not come out as intended, or your speech is incomprehensible. Sensory issues could include a ringing in your ears that continues after the accident, odd tastes and smells or even light and sound sensitivity. You could even notice that your vision is impacted, like blurred or distorted vision.

Changes to your core being

Even if you do not recognize these symptoms, others around you may notice the changes because cognitive and behavioral symptoms are common. To others around you, you may have been unconscious, even if you do not remember it. You could appear disoriented, confused or in a daze, even if you do not immediately recognize it. Your mood could rapidly swing, and you could even become depressed, anxious or violent.

The takeaway

The key takeaway here is to go to the Fayetteville, North Carolina, hospital, get checked out on the scene and follow up with your doctor. You need to protect your mental and cognitive health as much as your physical health. A TBI could kill you or affect the rest of your life.

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