Stay within the lines after an accident to get the evidence you need

Stay within the lines after an accident to get the evidence you need
Jan 16 2020

Your life can change in a matter of seconds when it comes to car accidents. Someone else might be to blame, but it could be difficult to get help paying the high costs that come with a wreck if you don’t take the proper actions after an accident.

Fayetteville saw over 26,000 crashes in 2018, the most recently reported data. That puts it in the top 10 for accidents in the state. If you’re added to that statistic in the future because of someone’s negligence, you’ll want to follow a few guidelines after an accident to make sure you receive compensation for your damages.

Steering a claim

There are a few crucial steps to take after an accident to help strengthen your case:

  • Getting medical treatment: The first step you’ll want to consider is accepting any care at the scene of the accident. You want to make sure you stay on top of any injuries, even if they don’t seem severe yet. Complications can arise quickly, and you’ll want the professionals there to handle it.
  • Never accepting liability: North Carolina practices contributory negligence, which means you might not be eligible for any recovery is you showed any negligence. You shouldn’t try to make the other person feel better, try to work through the cause with them or infer any actions on your behalf that could have caused the accident.
  • Collecting the evidence: Evidence starts at the scene, and you don’t want to miss anything you could use later. You’ll want to snap photos, gather eyewitness statements and take notes on the circumstances surrounding the event. Memories fade quickly after a crash, so make sure you’ve got it all on record.

Make sure your claim is as strong as it can be by understanding what moves are in your best interest. Facts could win the day, so ensure you’re gathering those in your favor as you go along.

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