Stay safe on winter weather-affected roads

Stay safe on winter weather-affected roads
Feb 10 2021

The last few weeks have brought huge winter storms to the East Coast that have deposited snow, ice, and other precipitation on North Carolina roads. While much of the precipitation has melted away, many areas of the state are still affected and will be affected by winter weather for some time. Driving in winter weather can be tricky for many individuals and it is not uncommon for car accidents to occur when snow and sleet are present.

Drivers can and should take preventative steps to avoid weather-related conditions. This post will discuss some safety steps that drivers can practice to avoid crashes with other motorists. However, when drivers are harmed by motorists who choose to negligently or recklessly drive in winter weather, they can speak with personal injury attorneys about their possible claims for recovery. This post does not offer any legal advice.

Ways to prepare for winter weather

Preparing to drive in winter weather conditions is a multi-step process. A driver must prepare themselves by becoming aware of how precipitation, wind, and other factors can impact their ability to driver. They must prepare their vehicle by ensuring it has the proper tires, sufficient gas, and checking other maintenance issues to protect them from unexpected breakdowns on the roads. Finally, a driver must be ready for an emergency with blankets, food, and other provisions in the event a winter accident forces them off the road.

Anticipate the actions of others

One of the most important ways that drivers can protect themselves from winter accidents is by anticipating the actions of other drivers. Many drivers fail to adjust their driving practices when winter weather happens. They speed, drive erratically, and fail to follow posted roadway signage, making it difficult for other drivers to stay out of their way. A responsible driver may choose to leave more space between them and other vehicles on the roads when winter weather is present and slow down to avoid encountering more aggressive drivers.

Winter weather does not have to be dangerous for drivers, but unfortunately the actions of the few put the health and safety of the many in peril. A winter accident can disrupt the course of a North Carolina resident’s life. The support of a personal injury attorney can help them find ways to get back on their feet.

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