Night driving poses dangers to motorists

Night driving poses dangers to motorists
Apr 04 2020

It isn’t always possible to avoid driving at night, but those who do need to be sure they’re taking the necessary steps to reduce the risk of getting into an accident. There are many things that can make driving after dark dangerous, and being aware of them can help you to avoid them.

Driving at night means that you’re more likely to suffer from fatigue because the night is when the body is accustomed to being asleep. Highway hypnosis might complicate this issue and cause you to “zone out” while you’re driving. Some drivers might fall asleep behind the wheel.

Difficulty seeing is another issue because some people suffer from compromised night vision. This is more common in older individuals. Eye conditions, such as cataracts, can make seeing in the dark even more problematic.

Another problem that you might encounter after dark is an impaired driver. More drunk driving crashes happen from midnight to 3:00 in the morning on weekends than at any other time. Staying away from vehicles that seem to be driven by an impaired driver might be the best course of action.

If you do venture out after dark, remember that not everyone is going to be as safe as you are. Being involved in a crash after dark poses a special hazard since your vehicle might not be as visible as it is during the day. Contact the authorities and get the medical care you need. Utilizing flares or reflective triangles may help other drivers to see you as you wait. If you have financial impacts from the crash, you may choose to seek compensation from the negligent driver for the damages you face.

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