Most of the time, distracted drivers were just daydreaming

Most of the time, distracted drivers were just daydreaming
Sep 27 2021

People driving while using their smartphones gets a lot of press these days, as well it should.

Texting and driving and even trying to make a conventional cellular call while driving is very dangerous and frequently leads to serious accidents. This is why so many states have taken steps to prevent drivers from using cell phones, even for making conventional calls, while driving.

However, with all the attention on cell phones, it is easy to lose track of the fact that any number of things both inside and outside a vehicle can cause distraction.

For example, drivers may try to eat or take a drink of water or coffee. They may also try to fumble with the car’s internal technology, including the radio or the climate control.

Even a conflict with a passenger or a loud noise inside the car can be a distraction, as can the scene of an accident or other incident that happened alongside the road.

However, according to one study reported by the Insurance Information Institute, most people who admitted to distracted driving said that they were just not paying attention. Some went further and admitted to daydreaming or focusing on something else in their lives besides driving.

No matter the reason, distracted drivers should be held accountable

The lesson here is that North Carolina motorists need to keep the minds on driving as well as their eyes on the road. Mental distractions can just as easily cause accidents as can a cell phone.

No matter why a driver operated distracted, if he or she caused an accident, he or she can be held accountable under North Carolina law to pay compensation to victims. Fayetteville victims of a distracted driver should evaluate their legal options carefully.

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