Listening to music and distracted driving

Listening to music and distracted driving
Jul 14 2023

People become distracted behind the wheel for many different reasons, such as using a phone to send a message or talking to someone riding in the vehicle. Additionally, some drivers lose the ability to focus on the road as a result of music. Not only is listening to music potentially distracting, but playing music can lead to certain behaviors that result in distracted driving as well.

Sadly, many accidents occur due to driver distractions. In fact, even if a driver takes his or her eyes off of the road for a split second, a devastating collision could occur.

Distracted driving due to music

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention points out a number of behaviors that can cause drivers to become distracted, including choosing music. For example, a driver could lose focus and take their hands off the wheel to find a song or change the radio station. In addition, a driver could disagree with a passenger with respect to music, potentially resulting in a distracting argument.

Other music-related distracted driving concerns

Aside from choosing and playing music, music that is very loud can also distract drivers (including those driving other vehicles). A fast beat or heavy bass could make it particularly hard for a driver to focus on the road, and loud music can also interfere with a driver’s ability to hear other vehicles, potentially increasing the chances of a collision.

Following a distracted driving accident, victims who suffer serious injuries because of another driver’s carelessness deserve justice.

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