Is it boring to drive a semi?

Is it boring to drive a semi?
Jul 02 2020

For many people who are thinking of going into the industry, driving a semi actually sounds fairly exciting. If you’re a long-haul driver, you get to cross the country, see new places, explore at least the 48 lower states and have more life experiences than someone who sits in a cubical. It sounds fun and engaging.

The reality, though, is that it can get boring very quickly. You spend long hours on the road. You may not sit in a cubical, but you sit in the same seat, staring at the endless highway, day after day after day. You may feel like you never really get to experience the country that you’re driving through because you’re just going from one warehouse to the next. It feels tedious.

Truck drivers do admit that it’s boring. This is especially true for those who drive the same routes over and over. Once they’ve seen it, there’s nothing left to hold their attention.

This can be dangerous in numerous ways. For one thing, a bored truck driver may nod off or stop paying attention behind the wheel. That’s a massive accident risk.

Truck drivers may also seek out distractions so that they don’t feel bored. That could mean checking a cellphone, listening to loud music, eating and drinking behind the wheel or bringing passengers to talk to. Some drivers even use alcohol and other drugs. A distracted or impaired truck driver can cause a massive accident in mere seconds.

Those who get injured in these accidents need to know why they happen and what legal options they have to seek financial compensation.

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