Inadequate training and experience can cause serious truck accidents

Inadequate training and experience can cause serious truck accidents
May 05 2021

Large trucks and tankers are common sights on North Carolina roads and highways. Many of these massive vehicles are driven by safe professionals who take care when they get behind the wheels of their rigs. However, not all drivers are sufficiently willing or knowledgeable to safely operate their semis and other commercial rigs.

Serious problems such as insufficient training and limited experience are preventable but common causes of truck accidents. When truck drivers and the companies that employ them fail to take sufficient efforts to prevent roadway accidents, they may carry liability for the injuries and losses they inflict on their victims. Readers who wish to learn more about truck accidents and possible roads to recovery may choose to contact their trusted personal injury attorneys. This informational post should not be relied upon as legal advice.

Training to operate a large commercial vehicle

As readers may know, commercial vehicle drivers are generally required to obtain special licensing to operate massive rigs. They are required to pass both knowledge and skills tests in order to obtain their necessary licensures. Licensure is an excellent step toward preparing to drive a commercial vehicle, but experience is also a necessary component to saying safe on the roads.

Truck companies that hire unlicensed drivers or that failed to provide training to drivers may put dangerous individuals into rigs that they are unprepared to operate. An accident caused by an unlicensed truck driver or a driver without sufficient training may provide a victim with grounds to sue for their accident-related losses.

Understanding victims’ rights after truck accidents

A truck accident can be a damaging and difficult event to work through. A victim may suffer serious injuries and extensive personal and financial losses. Their medical needs may prevent them from working and their bills related to their accident may quickly become cumbersome.

It is important that victims of truck accidents learn about their rights under the law. They may have options for seeking their damages, but statutes of limitation may limit when they can sue for the recovery of their losses. Consultations with personal injury attorneys are important to help victims understand and protect their rights.

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