Drivers, impact points and fatal accidents

Drivers, impact points and fatal accidents
May 17 2023

Behind the wheel, you could become involved in a traffic accident for different reasons. From drunk driving to slick roads, collisions occur far too often. Sadly, some prove fatal, and a deadly car accident can result in many hardships for the loved ones victims leave behind.

It is important for drivers to review data on deadly collisions to develop a better understanding of risks and the ways in which many fatal crashes occur. For example, you should look at statistics on initial impact points and traffic accident deaths.

Statistics on frontal impact and deadly accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published data on fatal traffic accidents and impact points. According to these statistics, a majority of drivers who die in motor vehicle collisions lose their lives in front-impact collisions. During 2020, 60% of drivers between 15 and 64 (12,354) and 59% of drivers 65 and over (2,495) died in accidents where initial impact was on the front.

Deadly accidents involving other impact points

Many drivers also die after someone slams into their vehicle on the left-hand side. During 2020, 11% of drivers who died in traffic collisions became struck on the left side initially, resulting in the loss of over 2,700 lives. In addition, initial impact on the right-hand side led to more than 1,800 deaths in 2020 and over 1,000 lost their lives after becoming struck from behind.

If you lost a loved one in a head-on collision, a T-bone accident or a rear-end crash, it is pivotal to hold a negligent driver accountable if their behavior led to the fatal accident.

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