Did distracted driving contribute to your accident?

Did distracted driving contribute to your accident?
Mar 04 2022

By now, everyone is familiar with the dangers of distracted driving. A high number of North Carolina car or truck accidents continue to involve distracted driving. As anyone who has been involved in an accident knows, the aftermath can be brutal. Medical bills and expenses may quickly accumulate, and some injuries may result in lost wages or the loss of an entire career.

Distracted driving is any activity that takes a driver’s attention away from the road. Although texting, emailing or doing anything else on a phone is what consider distracted driving, the reality is that everything from eating to switching radio stations is distracted driving.

There are many reasons why distracted driving is so dangerous. Drivers who are not focused on the road have a high likelihood of missing signs, other vehicles or any other items that can cause a collision. Distracted drivers also have a slower response time. Both contribute to the high number of distracted driving accidents. Many distracted driving accidents could have been prevented if the driver had simply been paying attention.

Don’t be a distracted driver

Aside from putting your phone away while driving, there are many other things you can do to reduce the chance of distracted driving. If you are running late to get somewhere, resist the urge to save time by eating, putting on makeup or engaging in other grooming while driving.

Set your music or listening devices up and have them running before you begin driving, so you do not have to adjust them while on the road. Don’t keep the volume up so high that you cannot hear outside sounds. If you have children, stress the value of safe driving behavior, and do not let your pets roam around free in the car.

Try not to get distracted by billboards, advertisements, or people outside of the vehicle. Slowing down and watching an accident on the side of the road is considered distracted driving.

Even if you follow all safety measures, there is no guarantee that you will not be the victim of another distracted driver. However, distracted driving victims may receive compensation for injuries, lost wages or mental distress. It may be helpful to speak with a professional and learn your options.

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