Dangerous truck drivers: Why do trucks cause so many crashes?

Dangerous truck drivers: Why do trucks cause so many crashes?
Jun 10 2020

If there is anything that scares you on the highway, it’s seeing a large truck start to come into your lane unexpectedly. Unfortunately, this kind of situation happens all the time.

Why does it happen so much? Truck drivers could be drowsy, tired, impaired or bored. They might be distracted or zoning out. While you may be able to get them to move back over by honking your horn, it’s also important to report drivers who aren’t driving safely. Whether they’re tired or dealing with a medical emergency, they may need to be off the roads.

Why do truck drivers cause so many crashes?

The most common cause of fatal truck crashes, according to a study performed in Arizona, was failing to yield to another person’s right of way. For example, a large truck that is entering the highway should be yielding to other drivers who are in the main lane. That doesn’t always happen, forcing drivers to choose between being hit by the truck driver or moving into the other lane and hoping that they won’t hit someone else.

Distractions and drowsiness are two other common reasons for crashes. A driver who doesn’t get enough sleep may not be paying close attention to the road. They could actually be closing their eyes and drifting in and out of lanes for seconds at a time.

Distractions cause a similar problem. While the driver is distracted, they look away from the road and may move between lanes without realizing it. They may also not see hazards ahead of them and could end up causing a crash.

It’s important for drivers to pay attention to avoid collisions like these and the serious injuries or fatalities that could result.

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