Could your post-crash back pain indicate serious injury?

Could your post-crash back pain indicate serious injury?
May 02 2019

Are you a resident of North Carolina who has recently been involved in a car crash? Depending on the type of crash and its severity, you might find yourself suffering from various aches and pains throughout your body. While some of these may be mild, others can be signs of serious health issues.

Back pain is something you should pay close attention to. It may be immediate and painful. FindLaw states that back pain can also appear after a crash rather than immediately, leading to drivers just like you discovering that they have whiplash or more severe damage days or even weeks after the initial impact.

In particular, back pain can be a symptom for many different issues. Pulled muscles, torn ligaments, and compacted spinal discs can all cause different types of pain in the back. You may feel aching or burning. Your pain could be sharp and consistent, or it may fade depending on the position you hold or the movement you are doing at the time. Some back damage can be mild, like muscle sprains. Others, like pinched nerves or damage to spinal discs, can be severe.

You may require surgery if your back injury is bad enough. Even for milder injuries, it is common for people to require time off of work in order to rest and recover. Back injuries unfortunately limit your range of movement and physical capabilities, leading to a possible reduction in income if you have to take time off or are unable to do every aspect of your job. For this reason, you may benefit from seeking the aid of an attorney and pursuing compensation for your damages.

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