Catastrophic injury claims require careful handling

Catastrophic injury claims require careful handling
Jun 28 2022

Living life can be dangerous. There are many ways a Fayetteville resident can suffer a life-altering injury even by doing a seemingly simple task that they do every day, like driving a car or going to work and doing one’s job.

Too often, these catastrophic injuries are preventable. For example, motor vehicle accidents are one of the most common causes of a spinal cord injury. Too often, a careless driver is responsible for this type of injury.

Spinal cord injuries will almost always affect a victim’s ability to live life the same as before their accident.  In the most serious cases, the victim will be paralyzed from the neck down and may require constant personal care.

Traffic accidents and workplace accidents also frequently lead to serious traumatic brain injuries. As is the case with spinal cord injuries, the most serious brain injuries might leave a victim permanently disabled and dependent on others for their care.

These catastrophic injury claims are complicated. For one, they are high-stakes because it can cost millions to compensate for a catastrophic injury. Moreover, there can be multiple parties involved, and the cases frequently include difficult legal and factual questions.

Negligence can also cause other life-altering injuries

Some accidents might leave a victim with severe burns or other noticeable scarring. In addition to pain and the medical problems these injuries present, it can be difficult for the victim to recover emotionally from these types of injuries.

Other injuries, after a chemical accident for example, might leave a victim blind or with severe loss of eyesight. Certain crush injuries or other injuries can cause a person to lose an arm or a leg.

After suffering a catastrophic injury of any type, a North Carolina victim and their family will need to understand their legal options.

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