Avoiding car accidents in the winter

Avoiding car accidents in the winter
Nov 14 2019

North Carolina residents know that winter is one of the most dangerous seasons for auto accidents. Nevertheless, they have a responsibility year-round to keep themselves and others on the road out of harm’s way, and they must carry this out through safe driving techniques. Below are just a few of the basics.

First of all, icy and snowy conditions require drivers to slow down. The faster people drive, the less traction the tires have. Individuals must also increase the gap between themselves and the vehicles in front of them. It should be a distance of at least five or six seconds. Then drivers must learn to accelerate and brake not harshly, but gently. Accelerate with a slight motion of the heel.

Knowing how to brake properly with ABS, brake assist and electronic brakeforce distribution is a must. Another tip is to never come to a complete stop on icy or snowy roads whenever possible. For example, a driver can creep up to a traffic light until it turns green.

Uphill driving presents several challenges in winter. For one thing, drivers should never accelerate on an incline. If they do, their tires may uselessly spin. Drivers should gain momentum on the flat area of the road and then slow down only at the crest.

Unfortunately, many drivers ignore these and other tips and wind up causing auto accidents. When others are injured at the hands of a negligent or reckless driver, they may pursue compensation and be reimbursed for their economic and noneconomic damages. The former includes medical expenses and vehicle repair or replacement costs while the latter includes pain and suffering and emotional trauma. To see if they have a case under North Carolina’s strict rule of contributory negligence, victims may consult with an attorney.

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