Property and business owners are responsible if visitors get hurt

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When you purchase a property or open a business, you have a basic obligation to the public to maintain a safe space. People who visit you shouldn’t have to worry about getting hurt because of your lack of maintenance. To limit the potential legal liability at your property or business, you will need to be proactive about maintenance, as well as carrying proper insurance.

From clearing the snow off your sidewalks during inclement weather to effectively dealing with any messes that occur within the facility, there are many maintenance expectations of business managers and property owners. The public should have a reasonable expectation of safety when visiting the space they are legally allowed to enter. You do your part by paying for insurance and maintaining the space.

Unfortunately, some property owners and business managers don’t focus on safety, cleanliness and maintenance the way that they should. Whether they allow product to spill onto the floor or don’t clean up when someone tracks rain in from outside, they could find themselves in a legally and financially vulnerable position if someone slips and gets hurt while on their property.

Most people carry liability insurance for their home or business

Premises liability is liability a property owner or manager risks incurring when people visit their space. There is always a risk that someone could wind up hurt while on their property. If the owner’s negligence or failure to maintain the property plays a role in that injury, the person who gets hurt may have the right to take legal action against the property owner or manager.

To protect people against the potential financial risk, insurance companies provide premises liability insurance coverage. Your business, homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy will include protections against claims for the cost of medical care or property damage associated with an accident on your property.

In many cases, it is relatively easy for an injured party to file an insurance claim after an accident. However, knowing what settlements to accept and proving that the injuries relate to the accident at the property can quickly become complicated to do.

Slip-and-fall accidents leave many people seriously injured

You may expect other people to be as diligent in their responsibilities and maintenance as you are, but not everyone is. That could mean that you get seriously hurt as a result of visiting a business. A slip-and-fall incident could mean a head injury or broken bones, which can be very serious in people past a certain age or with various medical conditions.

Every year, more than a million people wind up needing emergency medical care because of a slip-and-fall accident. If you become one of those people, make sure you know your rights as someone who got hurt on another person’s property.