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September 2019 Archives

How can truck driver fatigue endanger you?

North Carolina residents like you have to share the streets with all manner of drivers. But truckers can be particularly dangerous simply because of the size of the vehicle they operate. Due to that, we at the Law Offices of Wade E. Byrd, P.A., will discuss why truck driver fatigue can be an even bigger danger than fatigue in non-truck drivers.

Property and business owners are responsible if visitors get hurt

When you purchase a property or open a business, you have a basic obligation to the public to maintain a safe space. People who visit you shouldn't have to worry about getting hurt because of your lack of maintenance. To limit the potential legal liability at your property or business, you will need to be proactive about maintenance, as well as carrying proper insurance.

Can safety defects lead to a crash?

North Carolina residents like you rely on your vehicles to transport you safely wherever you need to go. Unfortunately, safety-related defects can cause once-safe cars to become high risks. Today, we'll take a look at how to identify a safety defect and how it can contribute to your chances of getting into a crash.

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