Nurse Negligence and Hospital Error

Hospital Malpractice Lawyers in North Carolina and Beyond

It is not always the negligence or slip-up of a doctor that leads to patient injuries. In many cases, our investigation reveals that nurses or other hospital staff were to blame. A nursing or hospital error can be grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit just the same.

In 25 years of practice, the Law Offices of Wade E. Byrd has prevailed in numerous hospital error cases, securing verdicts and settlements for serious injury or death. Our Fayetteville law firm represents victims of medical negligence across North Carolina, and in surrounding states. Call (910) 401-3590 for a free case evaluation.

Nursing and Hospital Negligence

Nurses have a sworn duty to a patient's well-being, by being diligent and proactive in patient care, and following hospital protocols. Hospitals also have a duty to prevent patient injury by adopting best practices of the health care industry and adding safeguards after incidents occur. Seasoned trial lawyer Wade Byrd and his legal team have held medical facilities accountable for unforgivable failures of nurses or departments:

  • Negligent monitoring of patients
  • Failure to contact a physician at signs of patient distress
  • Failure to follow the chain of command (e.g., reporting to a supervisor if the doctor is making a mistake)
  • Exceeding authority (nurses practicing medicine)
  • Ignoring patient complaints (not recording or reporting to a doctor)
  • Medication errors (wrong meds, wrong dose, failing to administer prescribed drugs)
  • Withholding needed medical care
  • Hospital lab errors
  • Hospital pharmacy errors

Permanent injuries or patient death can result from hospital errors or inaction: fatal heart attacks, disabling strokes, respiratory failure and paralysis, to name a few. We have access to a nationwide network of medical experts and licensed nursing professionals who can establish for a jury how nurses deviated from the standard of care, or how the hospital was negligent in its systems and procedures.

These are tough cases requiring veteran legal counsel to prove liability. Contact us today for a free initial consultation, including home or hospital visits for the seriously impaired. We take cases in North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee and beyond.

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