Dehydration And Malnutrition

North Carolina Nursing Home Negligence Attorney

Nursing homes are trusted to care for the elderly, sick and disabled. Nursing homes have a responsibility to provide their patients with quality care. When nursing homes fail to act responsibly, their patients may suffer serious or fatal injuries.

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Malnutrition and Dehydration

Nursing home patients are often highly susceptible to illness due to age, health problems and physical inactivity. Patients who do not maintain a proper diet or obtain proper fluids may suffer serious medical complications or possibly death.

All too often, nursing home patients do not get the proper nutrition they need from their diet. In many cases, nursing home patients may choose to skip meals because they are suffering from nausea. Nursing home staff must take proper precautions to ensure that patients are eating a proper diet and obtaining sufficient fluids to avoid the health risks associated with dehydration and malnutrition.

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